What is “serialized fiction”?

We’ve structured Hug Your Local Werewolf to like a television show! The first “season” will consist of ten “episodes”—that is, ten individual stories that all fit together into a larger arc.

The story will be entirely written fiction. That is, unless we can make obscene amounts of money and afford to hire on an artist to turn it into a graphic novel!

What are “commercial breaks”?

To run with the theme of a TV show, we’ve split each episode of Hug Your Local Werewolf into four parts. During each break, we’ll be releasing pseudo commercial blocks where we promo some of the cool stuff we’ve come across that week.

When/how often does the story update?

Our aim is to release a part each week, with a full episode posted over the course of a month. This will remain the case as long as we’re able to keep ahead of our pre-written backlog of episodes.

Think of it like the boulder scene from Indiana Jones – the rock is our deadlines and we’re trying to keep ahold of our hat productivity.

Do I have to be a Patron to read the story?

No you don’t! We’re releasing this project for free right here. Our Patreon is for those who’d like to support what we do but it’s not mandatory.

That said, this project is only possible because of the support of our patrons. If you’re in a position to fling us $1 a month, it’ll go a long way to ensuring the success of this endeavor. You also get cool-ass rewards. It’s win/win!

Hold up, did you say rewards? Tell me more!

Our patrons get a bunch of cool stuff such as:

How else can I support this project?

Wish you had more of that sweet sweet cash money to pledge each month, but have all your funds tied up in things like “paying rent” and “affording groceries? We hear you, friendo, times and the economy are rough! Luckily, there are other ways that you can help us out!

First: follow us on Twitter and retweet our announcements! Share posts about us on Tumblr and Pillowfort! Talk to your friends about this super great story you’re reading! Especially now, as we’re starting out, we’ll be living and dying by word of mouth, so we need y’all to be our boots on the ground and really do everything you can to spread the word.

Second: engage with us! The hardest part of writing is maintaining momentum, and you know how to make that happen? That’s right, it is encouraging motivation! Y’all are so smart, we love you so much. In all seriousness, though: drop a question on Patreon, tag us on Twitter, reach out and share the parts of the story that are really working for you. We are but two humble writers starved for interaction, and we will always be THRILLED to hear from you!

Third: watch this space, because there may be merch coming. That’s right, MERCH! SWAG! PHYSICAL TOKENS THROUGH WHICH TO SHOW YOUR AFFECTION in case you’re more of a “one-time purchase” fan than a “monthly subscription” person.