Welcome to Night Vale

Commercial Breaks

Commercial Break: Welcome to Night Vale

We’re absolutely goddamn over the moon with the reception of Howloween: Part 1! We have 22 awesome patrons so far and your feedback has been the wind beneath our tiny independent-artist wings!

Our patrons can look forward to the next part in a few hours, but in the meantime it’s time to introduce a new sort of post: our commercial breaks.

Sticking with the episodic format, we thought it’d be cool if we took some time between each part of HYLW to highlight some other cool stuff we’d seen about the place. In these posts you’ll find recommendations for anything from books to podcasts to Netflix binges to bars – all of them vetted and loved by us.

So! To kick off today’s commercial break:

Welcome to Night Vale

Podcast: Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is my absolute favourite podcast. It’s structured like a community radio show, the twist being that said show is set in a Lovecraftian fictional town that’s regularly host to shadowy government figures, carnivorous librarians, and sentient glow clouds (ALL HAIL).

The show is hosted by Cecil Palmer, a total nerd who approaches his town’s eccentricities with matter-of-fact optimism. He’s also queer, which warms my cold, dead, bisexual heart.

You can listen to Welcome to Night Vale just about anywhere there are podcasts.

– Stacey

The Calculating Stars

Book: The Calculating Stars

Mary Robinette Kowal is one of my all time favourite authors. Her mastery of genre twisting is honestly awe inspiring and The Calculating Stars is a great example of her skill.

Part history, part spec fiction, The Calculating Stars tells the alternative history of what would happen if a meteorite struck earth in the 1950s.

Elma, our main character, is a WASP pilot and mathematician who works as a calculator, aiding humanity’s efforts to migrate to space ahead of the impending extinction event.

Basically, Elma and her friends are not having a bar of societal norms keeping them from fronting a space expedition and I am HERE FOR IT.

You can grab The Calculating Stars on Amazon here.

– Stacey

Raven Pirate Princess

Comic: Raven Pirate Princess

Raven Pirate Princess (written by Jeremy Whitley, illustrated by Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt) is technically classified as middle grade/YA, but let’s be real: when has that ever stopped any of us?

A spin-off from the Princeless series, the story starts off following Raven, the daughter of the pirate king, now that she’s been freed from her tower and ready to reclaim her birthright from her villainous brothers. To do so, however, she needs a couple of key things: a ship, and a crew.

An all-female pirate crew. A first love filled with betrayal, regret, and reconciliation. Magic. Shenanigans. AN ALL-FEMALE PIRATE CREW. A multitude of queer identities and relationships. This story has it all! (Fans of Brienne of Tarth and/or Scorpia from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, just wait until you meet Katie.)

There are 6 collected books so far, with a seventh due out July 9, 2019.

If you’re interested in picking up the first book, you can find it on Amazon here

– Mel