Hyperbole and a Half

Commercial Breaks

Commercial Break: Hyperbole and a Half

Hello! This week’s commercial break is running a little behind schedule but here we are crashing into your eyeballs fashionably late.

How’s everyone enjoying episode two so far? I’m not saying you should yell at us about your opinions on Twitter but y’all should definitely yell at us about your opinions on Twitter.

After you read this scintillating commercial break, of course.

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Book: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Allie Brosh’s hilarious, matter-of-fact approach to depression was one of the reasons I survived my own struggles in high school so when her book dropped I threw money at it so fast I’m still slightly dizzy with it.

It’s been a few years (and a few more diagnoses) since I first found Allie’s work and the effect of her humour hasn’t waned. This is a book that will get you through some bad times and it’ll do so with hilarity and kindness. I simply can’t recommend this baby enough.

You can get it through Amazon here.

– Stacey

Comic: Lumberjanes

Even if you don’t know Noelle Stevenson you’ll know her work: she’s the creator behind the new She-ra series and the infinitely awesome Nimona.

Today I want to highlight another of her awesome creations: Lumberjanes.

Lumberjanes tells the story of a scout group surviving camp and all the supernatural entities that go along with it. It’s got everything: mystery, adventure, bears with too many eyes, and so much queer rep I want to weep with how good it is.

You can grab the first in the series on Amazon here.

– Stacey