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Commercial Break: Good Omens

How’s everyone enjoying Hug Your Local Werewolf so far? Are the supernatural shenanigans to your liking? Do you have a favourite character? DO YOU HAVE FAN THEORIES?

While you’re cataloguing your extensive responses to yell at us on Twitter, we’d like to invite you to another commercial break. This week involves plugging a couple of writers close to our hearts: Terry Pratchett and K.J. Charles.

Without further ado!

TV Show: Good Omens

Listen. Listen. LISTEN.

When I heard they were adapting Good Omens for the screen I was tentatively excited. “Excited” because it’s one of my favourite books of all time and “tentatively” because… well, it’s one of my favourite books of all time.

Anyone who’s read Terry Pratchett knows how difficult it is to translate his writing style to the screen. So, folks, I went into this with trepidation.

I came out of it the physical manifestation of heart eyes. This show is a gift, my friends. A GIFT.

Even if you haven’t read the book, I recommend this show HEARTILY. And if you have read the book: welcome to Narnia, my pals, we got a fucking perfect Pratchett adaptation.

You can watch this baby on Amazon Prime (and then come yell at me on Tumblr about it).

– Stacey

Author: K.J. Charles

Look, we all know what we’re about here. Victorian England! Beautiful people! Queer romance! MURDER! Beautiful people in Victorian England engaging in queer romances while solving murders! And also sometimes people have magic powers?! Heck yeah!

Come with me, friends, to this corner of the bookshop. Yes, that’s right, under the sign that says “KJ Charles Will Make Your Queer Tropey Dreams Come True”.

The writing is reminiscent of fanfic in the best possible way—those who habitually haunt AO3 will feel right at home with these stories. They’re a wonderful mix of romance and smut, with complex characters and genuinely interesting plots.

With a catalogue of over twenty novels, there’s a wealth of options to explore, with both standalones and series. My personal favorites are the “A Charm of Magpies” and “Sins of the Cities” series. Check out her work and find your own faves!

– Mel