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Commercial break: D&D

Yooooo! We’re up to part 2 of Hug Your Local Werewolf and the reception to our little project has been PHENOMENAL. If you haven’t already, please feel free to yell at us on twitter about the story so far.

Part 3 is due to hit your eyeballs this coming Monday, but in the meantime: commercial break.

Here’s some cool stuff we think you ought to check out in between werewolf shenanigans – all vetted and loved by us.

D&D Handbook

Game/Hobby: Dungeons & Dragons

This game is going through a resurgence right now, which let me tell you, is GREAT for me personally. Twitch is full of livestreaming games, there are tons of real-play podcasts, Stephen Colbert is playing to raise money for Red Nose Day!! And with all of that, more and more people are learning about the game and deciding if they want to play.

So maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about?
D&D is a game for everyone who loved to play pretend as a child. At its heart, it’s about communal storytelling: you and your friends coming together to build a story, with help (or hindrance) from Lady Luck. You build your character and the DM (Dungeon Master, or GM/Game Master in some circles) builds the world. They tell you what’s happening and you decide how your character will react. It can be casual or crunchy, Lord of the Rings epic or Spaceballs goofy, and everything in between.

Unless you’re the DM, you only need the Player’s Handbook to play! If you want to try running a game, you’ll also want the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Monster Manual.

But there’s SO MUCH MORE! There are websites like Roll20 and D&D Beyond where you can organize your information and build maps. There are pre-made adventures if you don’t feel like building your own, indie publishers releasing third-party content, SO MANY BEAUTIFUL SHINY DICE!

If you can’t afford to invest in a hobby like this right now, check your local library for copies of the core books. There’s also the d20 SRD that contains all of the core rules.

Visit your local gaming store! Ask your friends if they want to play a game where they get to wield swords and cast spells! Embrace your inner child and make the OC of your dreams!!

– Mel

Writing Excuses

Podcast: Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses is a podcast by writers for writers. Helmed by Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler this podcast is THE writing podcast for me. They tackle everything from story structure to magic systems to genre blending to representation.

Basically, if you’re a writer looking to improve your craft, you can’t go past this show. I know my writing has improved immeasurably because of it.

Listen to it wherever cool podcasts are hosted!

– Stacey