Eli Swann flies so far under the radar, he’s eating dirt. He’s been called a lot of things. 



Hey new kid, what’s your name again? 

All that changes when he’s attacked by a monster in the woods on Halloween night. 

Suddenly werewolves are real and he’s got a raging case of pack instincts. Throw in an unlikely accord with two sisters from a neighboring pack and no idea how he’s going to make it through the next full moon, and Eli’s got more than enough to deal with. 

So, of course, the captain of the baseball team might also be trying to kill him. This would sting less if Eli hadn’t had a crush on the guy since arriving in town. 

Eli’s simple existence just grew teeth—he might be the only thing holding back a supernatural menace, and he still has to pass Bio. 

Life is hard for Rose Lake’s local werewolf. 

Season 1


Eli is content to study through Halloween but a lost trick-or-treater has other plans for him.


Not Your Red Riding Hood

Not Your Red Riding Hood

Go into the woods, they said. I’ll be fun, they said.